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Pacemaker's AI DJ creates seamless mixes with excellent track order, perfect transitions and fine-tuned EQs and effects. Regardless of genre.

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AI DJ for Voice

Pacemaker’s AI DJ combined with the intelligence of a Voice Assistant and personal music preference data - a revolutionary music consumption experience is born! It’s like having your personal DJ anywhere, for any occasion.

AI DJ vs Steve Aoki - A Turing Test

We employed 100 individuals on Amazon's Mechanical Turk service. Each participant listened to 20 mixed song transitions, half randomly selected from Steve Aoki's "The Retrospective Mix: 2011 –2017" that's available on Apple Music and half randomly selected from a mix that the Pacemaker AI DJ created using the same tracks as in Aoki's mix.

After listening to each transition, they were instructed to guess whether the transition was created by "a skilled human dj" or by an AI. Also, they scored the quality of the transition subjectively on a scale from 1 to 10.

Each individual was paid a fee to participate plus a bonus for every correctly guessed human/AI choice.


100 participants

Steve Aoki


It's a close shave but Steve Aoki wins by being 3.5% more human and considered to have 0.1 higher quality. So it's not an AlphaGo, just yet... But it clearly shows that AI can compete with human DJs in the context of a mainstream music service like Apple Music. And an AI scales well. It can take successful personal playlists like Apple's Chill Mix and Spotify's Daily Mix and turn them into personal professional quality mixes for everyone.

Mining Mix Data

The AI DJ empowers Pacemaker for iPhone’s large community of mixtape creators to mix everything available in Spotify. The community generates a unique and very hard to replicate data set of DJ and mix consumption behaviour that Pacemaker can use to improve the AI DJ. I.e. the app is a feedback loop for the AI DJ development.

Track Analysis

The backbone of the AI DJ and provides track structure and beat grid. Challenge is to perform correct analysis for different music genres and provide a first beat.

Match Machine

Creating a mix from scratch requires a lot of digging to find tracks that mix well together. Match Machine is Pacemaker’s recommendation engine that finds tracks that fit but also arranges tracks perfectly for the best track order and ultimate mix playback experience.


AI DJ - Patents Pending, Metamix - Patents Granted

Professional, Editorial and User Generated DJ Mixes

Metamix is a revolutionary format for DJ Mixes using streamed music.

Metamix Format

The Metamix format describes the manipulation of sound files, effects and plugins without saving the DJ mix or remix as a file. Instead, it’s saving the actions that are performed by the creator.

For consumption, the saved Metamix can be re-created for playback within a music streaming service, other applications or a server that holds the Pacemaker SDK.

As it’s not holding any copyrighted information, Pacemaker Metamixes (DJ mixes and remixes) generate track streams when created and consumed with music streaming content.

Music Streaming

The core principle of the Metamix makes it a scalable format for mixes created and consumed with music streaming because it doesn’t alter, save or export any copyrighted work.

Live Streaming

The format is capable of live streaming DJ sets without sending a sound file, meaning that consumption happens directly from the music streaming service.

Community and Collaboration

Since the Metamix saves creations in a non-destructive way as metadata, the original creation, when shared, can be altered, remixed or tweaked. Today remixing other users’ work accounts for a big part of new creations on Pacemaker. It has also sparked new social behaviors such as chain mixing.

Mix Creation Versatility

The Metamix format is capable of supporting DJ mix creation in a real-time software, which can afterwards be edited in a DAW. The Metamix format also supports mix creation from a DAW. It can even support seamless dynamic mixing and playback between real-time and non-linear. As implemented today in Pacemaker for iPad - live mixing to autopilot and back.

Why Metamix?


Metamix enables an opt-out approach to DJ mixes and remixes, meaning that if a rights holder does not want their content in a Metamix , it can easily be removed.*

Built for Streaming

The Metamix provides an optimal playback experience even when track data is not delivered from the streaming service on time.


The Metamix only saves the actions that are performed, hence its format is roughly a thousand times smaller than an equivalent sound file.


Whilst the Metamix adds value, it doesn’t require additional hardware resources. The Metamix battery and memory consumption for creation and playback is similar to standard music playback applications.

*Disclaimer: In the assessment of the Pacemaker Music AB board, the Metamix does not constitute a derivative work in its legal meaning, which enables the company to take an opt-out approach in relation to rights holders. However, the legal status of the Metamixes is not entirely clear and has, to the knowledge of the company not been subject to any decisions by a competent court of law. The company’s approach is to work with the industry and inform about its use and advantages.

Pacemaker SDK

Mix Engine

Combines track data, plugins and effects with a Metamix to deliver a mix consumption experience (Mix = Metamix + Tracks).


The world’s best AI DJ that steadily improves by mining mix data from the Pacemaker Community.

Track Analysis

Provides track structure and beats for the AI DJ.

Mix Integrity

Resolves any Metamix consumption issues originating from cross-market sharing.