Created by shisharka

Indigenous Ceremony

True soundtrack for our earth and people 🌲🐇🦔🐆🙏👁🕊👁🙏🐆🦔🐇🌲

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Mixtape tracklist



R. Carlos Nakai Daybreak Vision
John Two-Hawks Native Flute Symphony - The Journey
Bill Miller Wind Spirit
Robert Mirabal Taos Summer Nights
Keith Bear Hidatsa Garden Song
Mary Youngblood Above The Mother Earth
Joseph Fire Crow Woman Comes First
Hovia Edwards Song of Friendship
Tony Duncan Dance of the Coyote
John Two-Hawks Of Shadow and Light
Mary Youngblood Within My Heart
Joseph FireCrow Nocturnal Spirits
Robert Tree Cody Whispering Journeys
Mary Youngblood Silent Wolf
Kevin Locke The First Flute Song
John Two-Hawks Midnight Moon
Peter Phippen Night Falls
Kelvin Mockingbird Wind Child
Kelvin Mockingbird Awakening Of The Beauty Within
Andrew Vasquez Far From Home
Peter Phippen East/West
R. Carlos Nakai Ancestral Home
R. Carlos Nakai Inward Journey
Joseph FireCrow Night Hawk Soars
Johnny Whitehorse Iron Horse
Johnny Whitehorse White Horse Dreaming
Robert Tree Cody Lakota Love Song
Robert Mirabal Courtship Song
R. Carlos Nakai Song For the Morning Star