Unleash your creativity on Pacemaker for iPhone.

Move transitions, Jump-In-Sync and refine your mixes on a beautiful new waveform design.

Apple Design Award 2015

Honoring Outstanding Design and Innovation

Tweak and refine your mix

One-touch-mixing magic!

Pacemaker makes anyone dance

A full range of mix creation apps.

From instant mobile mixing on Pacemaker for iPhone and Apple Watch to hands-on live DJing on Pacemaker for iPad.

Mix all the music in the world from

Pacemaker is the groundbreaking DJ app for iTunes and Spotify. It gives you millions of tracks at your fingertips and endless possibilities to create something new or simply find and mix the music you love.



Ee Ee Aa Aa Oo Oo — Slice up a track for a stuttering effect

Change the size of the slice and set it to max; then hit the drop button.



Size matters. Reverb lets you control the size of the room, from a small hut to the largest of cathedrals.



Echo echo... Add Echo to your mix, and control the length of the Echo with second parameter.

Pro Tip: Use it with Scratch to exit a song and mix in a new.



The Hi-Lo filter lets you decide if only hi or low frequencies makes it into the mix!



The Roll effect creates a loop that’s rolling on top of a playing track. You can also control the length of the loop with the extra parameter.



Destroy your sound with 8-bit! The bit crusher that makes your track sound like a retro video game.



SwooooOOOSH! Whitenoise is the powerful build up effect that gives you a dramatic and perfectly timed drop, every time.

Kill FX

Kill FX

Kill all effects and equalizers with the press of a button.


Shoop da loop! Create synchronized loops on the fly; Split or double, exit and re-loop. Also included is the exclusive Pacemaker Loop Travel which produces a glitchy effect by making a small loop travel along the soundwave.


Jump around! Jump around! Skip a pre-determined number of beats forwards or backwards to create stutter and jumps in the playback.

Customize your palette of effects

With Pacemaker you can have it your way, like that hamburger… Arrange the effects and filters to fit your needs in the configure view. Find it by tapping the white Wrench button between the two decks.

Ride the waveforms

Where do you build up for the drop? Where should you add effects and kill effects? The Waveforms above each deck tells you when and where to add your signature moves.

You also have the possibility to manually set the cue point to your preferred beat.

Sync the beats

One of the most appreciated features amongst both beginners and professionals is automatic beat syncing. It gives you the possibility to instantly sync tempo and phase of two tracks by tapping the SYNC button.







Pacemaker for iPad comes with a free equalizer: Bass, Treble and Middle for you to perfectly mix your tracks together.


To pre-listen to a track you would like to mix into your set, find the Split Output feature in the configure view. Navigate to the configure button by tapping the wrench button between the two decks in the mix view.


Put the needle on the record and scratch like the grandmaster to add the signature effect of old school hiphop.

Our history


Pacemaker was introduced as the world’s first portable DJ system at the 2007 Sónar music festival in Barcelona. Launched in March 2008, it was featured in Wired, Stuff, Mixmag and FutureMusic. Tributed in The New York Times, Herald Tribune and The Independent. Awarded the Red Dot Design Award – Best of the Best.

Music consumption changed

A bright future was awaiting, but in events following the expansion in 2008, the founder handed over to a new CEO who was immediately faced with a great challenge because music consumption changed, incredibly fast. The iPhone disrupted the hardware industry and Pacemaker had a hard time to adapt. Tonium, the parent company behind Pacemaker went down in June 2011.

Birth of new Pacemaker

But this wasn’t the end of things! On the contrary, it became the birth of the New Pacemaker project. We the original inventors of Pacemaker, Jonas Norberg and Daniel Wallner, plus our new recruit, Olof Berglöf, bought the IP back and we are now steering Pacemaker in parallel with an exciting music and technology landscape.


To make sure our precious Pacemaker Device (PMD) could live on. We’ve set up pacemakerdevice.org a non profit organisation together with a group of enthusiasts. A place where Pacemaker Device users can help each other, exchange ideas and receive updates of the Pacemaker Device firmware.