Three steps towards revolutionizing music creativity!

2007: Pacemaker Device

Pacemaker was introduced as the world’s first portable DJ system at the 2007 Sónar music festival in Barcelona. Launched in March 2008, it was featured in Wired, Stuff, Mixmag and FutureMusic; tributed in The New York Times, Herald Tribune and The Independent; and Awarded the Red Dot Design Award – Best of the Best. Needless to say, the future looked bright. However, a new technological revolution was on its way, so to fully achieve the ambition of what is possible with music, Pacemaker needed to evolve.

2014: Pacemaker for iPad

A new rise in smartphones and tablets paired with the increased popularity of streaming music paved the way for the birth of the new Pacemaker project – Pacemaker for iPad. Introduced in 2014 as the first DJ app with a Spotify connection, this meant that now anyone could mix music with over 30 million tracks. But with great choice comes great responsibility! After noticing that users wanted to both DJ and participate in the party, Pacemaker introduced a new feature called Autopilot – an artificially intelligent DJ that shuffles the tracks in the best playable order and creates perfectly beat-matched transitions between the tracks. This earned Pacemaker the spot as the Editor’s Choice on App Store in December 2014.

2015: iPhone and Apple Watch

Pacemaker realized the newly developed AI Autopilot technology was an embryo to unlocking something huge – music creativity on any device! So in April 2015, Pacemaker for Apple Watch and iPhone was launched. Pacemaker for Apple Watch introduced “One Touch Mixing Magic” and featured third in the “Get started with Apple Watch” app kit, snagging the bronze from Instagram and only behind New York Times and Twitter. Meanwhile, Pacemaker for iPhone fully utilized the AI technology as an intelligent assistant. Anyone could now create a perfect mixtape in a heartbeat. These efforts didn’t go unnoticed, and Pacemaker was awarded the Apple Design Award for outstanding design and innovation at WWDC2015.

Looking ahead, Pacemaker is now leading the way in AI music technology with the vision of empowering anyone to mix the music they love!

The Pacemaker® application was sunset on June 26th, 2023.

Launched in February 2014 as the pioneer iPad app with a Spotify connection, it gave users the ability to mix music from a vast library of millions of tracks. Commended by The Verge, The Guardian, and Wired for its ingeniously simplistic UI and earning a slew of Apple accolades, including an Apple Design Award, Pacemaker® was seen as a bright new addition to the music industry.

Initially integrated with Spotify, this was a groundbreaking execution that enabled the simpler creation of mixes. It was a great outcome for users but in 2019 Spotify announced they were discontinuing their DJ integration, necessitating that all partners seek integrations elsewhere. We were committed to our many users and directly licensed 18+ million tracks from great music companies like Sony Music, Warner Music Group, Empire, and The Orchard for use with Pacemaker®.

We continued to innovate with updated UX and new features like online radio. We believe the product we have created is best in class with a unique user interface. This radio DJ, essentially transformed a user’s mobile phone into a full-scale radio station.

In the last 18 months the world has changed greatly and global economic and political challenges have been unexpected. The reality was that we could not continue to support a retail offering ourselves.

In March 2023, we announced that Pacemaker® had been acquired by Tuned Global, a leading B2B provider of media streaming solutions.

Since that time we have worked diligently with the Tuned Global team to find a way to keep the retail application running but unfortunately this was not possible. The entire Pacemaker® team has been retained by Tuned Global and we are currently working together on making the Pacemaker® technology available to other music platforms globally.

While the end of the Pacemaker® application brings us profound sadness, and we will miss our incredible community, we are working hard to make sure you can continue to use our technology in other forms in the near future. You are a diverse and enthusiastic group of music lovers who cultivated a very positive, vibrant, music-centric environment. We look forward to letting you know the platforms you may be able to use with Pacemaker® technology soon and look forward to continuing sharing and enjoying music together.

Until then, we express our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and camaraderie.
Much love from the Pacemaker team.